Talk Series: WOLFMAN LIBRARIAN (Filip Marinovich)

What are the origins of Wolfman Librarian? This pressing question of our age merits further stroboscopic analysis. The piano is grand and it is there and perhaps it will be played by a Seehorse. A Rabbit will also be there and if you’re thinking “bestiary” you are perhaps right but hopefully, more importantly, young. How to improvise in a tough room? Are you soft enough to let it through while being the supple earth light gave you? Is the fix in’t? What? Would you like a ring with that? Wolves and Bachelard in a unitard are fine for school but here in the church we get into it grooving with that. The Time-Being gave birth to a wolf, and if The Time-Being is also a river how does the wolf swim in the underwater Now?The quest and swerve sesh.

Filip Marinovich is the author of AND IF YOU DON’T GO CRAZY I’LL MEET YOU HERE TOMORROW and ZERO READERSHIP, both from Ugly Duckling Presse. Works online are at Brooklyn Rail, Elective Affinities, EOAGH, Revolutionesque, and The Poetry Society of America. His latest epic WOLFMAN LIBRARIAN is coming soon to a den near you.