The Constraint, The Cookbook, and the Anecdote: The Filmed version — Tan Lin

Tuesdays 7-9PM — 5 Sessions — Begins April 30

This will be a filmed workshop in constraint driven exercises, prison escape schemes of writing, text corpora, box and fugue variations, generic descriptions, the anecdote, and ambient, environmental language works. Some attention to plants, perfumes, short-form communications platforms, and cookbooks as cross-references. Occasional recourse to music and the non-rock music associated with growing up. Works conducted in various scales, from the tiny to the extra large. The course will explore knowledge transmission/writing in paratextual arenas, footnotes, indexes, captions, page ranking systems, wikis, bibliographies and the like. There is no “free” writing in this class. Various sections of the class will be filmed and used as writing material. TBA.

Tan Lin is the author, most recently, of 7 Controlled Vocabularies and Obituary 2004 The Joy of Cooking, and Insomnia and the Aunt.  He is the recipient of a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Award, a Getty Distinguished Scholar Grant and a Warhol Foundation/Creative Capital Arts Writing Grant to complete a book on the writings of Andy Warhol.