Writing Impossible Subjects — E. Tracy Grinnell

Saturdays 2-4PM — 5 Sessions — Begins March 16

Writing the invisible, inaudible, illegible, even unintelligible body demands a willingness to hybridize, interweave, translate, and invent. In this workshop we will develop new forms that enable us to write into the fragmented, the omitted, the elusive, and the radical positions of our individual and collective realities. Using formal experimentation as a mode of reckoning with the real, in order to alter and open, we will write with the knowledge that at every moment we are capable of change and effecting change. Experimenting with modes of translation/transliteration/transformation, we will draw from musical and visual sources while considering the formally explorative works of poets Leslie Scalapino, Haryette Mullen, M. Mara Ann, M. NourbeSe Philip, kari edwards, Rosmarie Waldrop, and others.

E. Tracy Grinnell is the author of Helen, A Fugue, Some Clear Souvenir, and Music or Forgetting. She has taught creative writing at Pratt Institute, Brown University and Naropa’s Summer Writing Program and is the founding editor of Litmus Press.