“To hear all the sky and the map”: Lines of Mapping with Marcella Durand

Map is abstraction of landscape and body within the vastness of geology; it is an instruction manual to extraction and conquest; it is subjective and manipulative/ed—and yet, for lack of a map, and with the task of navigation increasingly handed over to satellites, our essential cognition is in decline. How do maps, location, exploration, navigation, perception, and proprioception connect to the creative/cognitive centers of ourselves and from those centers to the environment about us. Where do we end and the lines of mapping begin? And where in that interface space can we begin lines toward more revolutionary mapping? 

We may read and look at work by Torkwase Dyson, Kei Miller, Katie Pratt, Will Alexander, C.S. Giscombe, Celina Su, Asiya Wadud, Stephane Mallarmé, James Thomas Stevens, Tonya Foster, Brenda Coultas, and others, as well as in-class locating work.


Photo: Andrew Zawacki

Marcella Durand

Marcella Durand‘s books include The Prospect, Rays of the Shadow, Le Jardin de M. (The Garden of M.), with French translations by Olivier Brossard, Deep Eco Pré, a collaboration with Tina Darragh, AREA, and Traffic & Weather, written during a residency at the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. Her translation from French of Michèle Métail’s book-length piece, Earth’s Horizons/Les horizons du sol, was published this year by Black Square Edition