Poems and Texts

from MARTHA by Leslie Allison

from Martha:

We are living here like demented gods

the moon is a cloud
the light is a feather

under a massive set of legs but
over a flash of lightning

the narrow memory
is snaking
in and out of my cordlessness

little swells of burning
on the desert
are absorbed through my genitals
then I realize the lightning was just
a thrashing fantasy of
an old friend

I cannot tell Martha my vision
she smells the spirit of death jumping out of the earth
and she will want to harness it

Leslie Allison

Leslie Allison is a writer and performer. She composes choral music for performance collaborations with Francis Weiss Rabkin, and is writing a chapbook of poetry, Martha Stewart (Spring 2015, Ugly Duckling Press). Her dance and poetry criticism can be found in HTML Giant and The Brooklyn Rail, and her band Cross released its debut album, It’s Curtains, earlier this year.