Oraison Larmon

Oraison Larmon specializes in archiving, curating, and exhibiting performance art collections. Larmon’s archive practice investigates the performativity of documentation; representations of the body in archival materials; and methods of processing performance art. At New York University, Larmon processes performance materials for the Hemispheric Institute Digital Video Library (HIDVL) and the institute’s physical archive. Larmon is currently working with Martha Wilson on the forthcoming collection “Franklin Furnace: Performance and Politics” for HIDVL. It will feature performances engaging body politics selected from Franklin Furnace’s Event Archives. Larmon’s curatorial credits include the two-day event Performing the Archive (2013) with Professor Diana Taylor; the full-scale exhibition Desperate Archives (2014) with Split Britches; and the performance program for the Radical Archives Conference (2014) with Chitra Ganesh and Mariam Ghani.

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