• Events: Readings
  • Letter from the Editor
  • Announcements: Book publication announcements
  • Poems: Fuck Up by Anne Waldman; In The Restaurant by Terence Winch
  • Reviews: Charlie Walsh reviews Bill Berkson’s Blue Is The Hero (L Publications, 1976);  Kit Knight reviews Jim Burns’s The Goldfish Speaks From Beyond The Grave (The Salamander Imprint, 3 Cadogan Square, London, SWIX OHT, England, 1976); Simon Schuchat reviews Bob Rosenthal’s Cleaning Up New York (Angel Hair Books, Lenox, MA); Jim Brodey reviews Ed Friedman’s The Black Star Pilgrimage (“the escape story,” Frontward Books, NY)
  • Features: “Work for Gerard Malagna,” Alan Davies reviews Gerard Malagna’s Incarnations (Poems 1965-1971) (Black Sparrow Press); “Vision is Dizziness: The Technology of Yuki Hartman,” Micheal Slater reviews Yuki Hartman’s Hot Footsteps (Telephone Books, 1976)
  • Editor: Ted Greenwald