• Reviews: Bill Berkson reviews Early Writing and Poems Retrieved by Frank O’Hara, Edited by Donald Allen (Grey Fox Press); Simon Schuchat reviews Moving Parts by Steve Katz (The Fiction Collective/George Brazier Inc); “Fan Mail From Some Flounder,” Pat Nolan reviews The Home Book, Prose and Poems 1951-1970 (Z Press, Calais, VTby James Schuyler; Robin Messing reviews “Dancing Poems” starring David Taylor, Marty Skoble and Anne Hammel at the Neill Gallery; Bob Rosenthal reviews Charles Ludlow’s production of Der Ring Gott Farblonjet; Micheal Lally reviews Ray DiPalma’s Marquee, A Score (Asylum’s Press)

• This This That Etc: Corrections, Thanks, Hello’s

• Books Mags Etc: New publications

• Poems: “Blink” by Rochelle Kraut, Untitled by Charles Bernstein, “Personnel Poem” by Michael Brownstein

• Features: Excerpt from Robert Creeley’s Contexts Of Poetry: Interviews 1961-1971

• Editor: Ted Greenwald