Poems and Texts

from Snail Poems by Eric Sneathen


there’s some regret over here
and desire in the way
a snail takes up its meal,
separates its bread
softly scattering
its green crumbs
(it’s too much
for a snail) she’s in there
where i shake
to my heart
i don’t know why
the image gets failed so
brutally and un-
—it’s strange to remember

Eric Sneathen

Eric Sneathen splits his time between Oakland and UC Santa Cruz, where he is a PhD student in Literature. His poetry has been published by Mondo Bummer, littletell, Faggot Journal, and The Equalizer, and his first collection, Snail Poems, is forthcoming from Krupskaya. He is also the editor and producer of Macaroni Necklace, a DIY literary zine and reading series featuring (mostly) writers who have not yet published a book-length manuscript.

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