“T H E D O G W O O D S” by Dot Devota

T H E   D O G W O O D S

someone will offer to take your body
away from you
at the time it will sound

like a good
idea it will
turn out you
miss having a place to visit

you will have said
yes to this
bad idea because at the time you were
tired and grieving

we say yes
to bad ideas
because they seem like good solutions
to situations we’ve grown
tired in—
that’s made work horses of us

it will feed
the time an answer
but I’m weary now
of answers when
no one has asked a question

once someone takes
this body away you
have to find
ways to meet with it
in the place
it’s been taken to
or else it’s been taken

we are responsible
for other
people’s suggestions—people suggesting
we give them some thing

how far one
can actually travel
to see the good idea
forced in greenery

whereas once
you see it outside
the life it’s lived
a person you are supposed to
trust but don’t know
that well that both
good and bad decisions
get made

changing is giving
myself the body

Dot Devota

The Division of Labor (Rescue Press), And The Girls Worried Terribly (Noemi Press), The Eternal Wall (Bookthug), MW: A Midwest Field Guide (Editions19\). The poet Dot Devota was born in St. Louis and travels full time with her partner Brandon Shimoda. Her latest work is a dated book about a woman trapped in a woman’s body who finds the love of her life and watches a lot of news about war.

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