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“The Ectoplasmic D’Ubervilles” by Gina Abelkop

The Ectoplasmic D’Ubervilles

My daffodils opened
while I slept
I missed

My body being
itself it ate
what I shouldn’t
have ate I really
felt the daytime

In night I give
slime I give
the walls
a no-show

non-watching I’m so interested
I give

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It can’t end well

It’s Thomas Hardy

Tess can have a moment
of joy in joyless England

And so can I The

possibility stands

that we may
yet wake

the other side

Gina Abelkop

Gina Abelkop is the author of I Eat Cannibals (forthcoming 2014, coimpress) and Darling Beastlettes (Apostrophe Books, 2012). She lives in Athens, GA, where she runs the DIY feminist press Birds of Lace.