ART: Ganzeer

About the work: The series, Endless Waste, highlights the ridiculous nature of Capitalism, and the culture of Consumerism it fosters. Both of which are powered by Industrialism. Through the act of getting lost in exhaustively drawing the minuscule details of trash, the cumbersome way we go about our lives becomes evermore acute. The images are part of a much larger investigation I’m conducting by way of a work of science-fiction titled THE SOLAR GRID. A graphic novel due for completion in 2019.


Ganzeer is a maker of Concept Pop, a kind of cultural insurgency that can be seen in his wide-ranging output, be it installations, prints, paintings, videos, objects, guerrilla actions in public space, writing, and also comix. Art in America has referred to his practice as “New Realism,” while the New York Times called him a “chameleon” and the Huffington Post placed him on a list of “25 Street Artists from Around the World who are Shaking Up Public Art.” He has lived in Cairo, New York, Los Angeles, and now Denver.

Ganzeer’s current project is a sci-fi graphic novel titled THE SOLAR GRID, which has awarded him a Global Thinker Award from Foreign Policy in 2016.