Sarah Anne Wallen


I’m waiting
‘til the holiday
to send “you” a message
so it’s like
you don’t know
if it’s only “you”
I’m sending a message to
and that makes me feel
kind of sexy


I didn’t go
to the thing

I should have gone

I’m drunk
and smoking weed

bored of myself

so I say
what I’m feeling

in a little poem

to get it out
so I can be free

Health Power

have a heart
get nine of them
die young
every night is your last
first comes first
you owe it
to yourself
for good times

Not Like the Other

someone’s thinking
of me
and loving me

I’m leaving my face
in a puddle

it’s better

the cry of an exotic bird
a deer in a trap
a child’s happy scream

one of these
sounds so regularly
like an alarm

Sarah Anne Wallen

Sarah Anne Wallen is a poet/bookmaker/visual artist living in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Her first full length collection of poetry DON’T DRINK POISON (United Artists) was published last June.