A Semblance of Humor: Karen Davis, Cathy de la Cruz & Jes Tom with guest host Chloé Rossetti

Karen Davis

Back by local demand, Karen Davis has been tearing up backrooms and independent theaters for years, lost count. It’s been a wild ride. Short on rehab, long on self-doubt. Join Karen for her first abbreviated set since last Friday when she monologued at her latest roommate, Tina Slatter, on proper bathroom etiquette when you got a clogged drain and no wire hangers in sight. We’d attach her contact info, but Karen’s between e-mail addresses right now.

Photo: Geraldine Hope Ghelli

Cathy de la Cruz

Cathy de la Cruz is a filmmaker, performer and writer born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. She has an MFA in Visual Arts from UC-San Diego and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona. Currently she resides in New York City where she teaches Creative Writing to kids. She is also a Contributing Editor for Weird Sister, where she writes the column, “Funny Feminism.” Her first collection of poetry, Libido is forthcoming from Spooky Girlfriend Press. In 2017, she will be joining Sister Spit on their 20th Anniversary tour. You can find her on Twitter @SadDiego

Photo: Yu Ling Wu

Jes Tom

Jes Tom (they/them) is a weird queer stand up comic with but one goal: To hurt the feelings of The Oppressor. Born & raised in San Francisco and now established in New York, Jes Tom is a fresh voice in stand up comedy, gleefully providing the nonbinary queer Asian American radical cyborg perspective that everyone never knew they wanted. Jes has performed in all five boroughs of New York City, as well as at colleges and conferences spanning the frigid American northeast. Jes tells jokes in venues of all sorts, from hipster bar basements to historic performance spaces such as Caroline’s on Broadway, Gotham Comedy Club, Bowery Poetry Club, Nuyorican Poets Café, The Town Hall, and The Friar’s Club.

Chloé Rossetti

Chloé Rossetti is an artist, writer, performer, energy healer, and permaculturist hailing from Planet Femme and based in New York City. Their work, most recently under the header of Radical Nourishment, and prior to that as the Center for Difficult Womyn, focuses on the intersection of ecology, collectivism, agency, feminism, and love..

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